Atrás los ojos (our eyesleft behind) reveals a character who offers us a discourse through action and silence on abandonment, the body desired, the spine sculptured through time and hope after abandonment.

“Can the body confer on some states of the soul and still remain mute and stubborn the the world? The body in action like a filter of thought, an aid to memory and to the imaginary, and some words taken up on loan.”

The collaborations are the most interesting part of the process. If those of the duet presented at the National Theatre of Catalunya, various artists participated with a precise contribution, but with a very specific function within the process of the development of the drama. In this way, in  Atrás los ojos, we have the contributions of Eduard Fernández (actor), Àngels Margarit(coreographer) and Jordi Casanovas (dancer).

The rehearsals began in February, 2002, at the Centre de Creació l’Animal a l’Esquena and the final preparations for staging took place in Salt Theatre. The first performance of Atrás los Ojos was at the Sitges International Theatre Festival in May 2002, and later it ran at the Summer Festival GREC 2002 in Barcelona (July 2002).

Directing and stage management: María Muñoz and PepRamis

Creations and performance: María Muñoz

Live Music: Steve Noble

Assistant to director: Cristina Cervià

Texts: John Berger-Mal Pelo

Artistic collaborators: Àngels Margarit-Eduard Fernández-Jordi Casanovas

Stage building and design: Ben Heinzel Litchwark-Pep Ramis-Adrià Miserachs

Lighting: Ramón Rey (A.A.I.)

Lighting technician: August Viladomat

Sound design: Alex Polls

Sound technician: Jaume Figueres

Vídeo projections: Toni Serra (fragmentos de Labyrinth); Nina Brugerman (Babyrhino)

Mari Sempere (vídeo doméstico)

Costume Assessor: Rosa Soler

Photography: Jordi Bover-Baltasar Patiño-Ferran Mateo

Management: Eduard Teixidor

Thanks to: Lilo Baur, Núria Font, Ernesto Collado

A coproduction of: Mal Pelo, Festival Grec 2002, Sitges Teatre Internacional i Temporada Alta 2002


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