Bach is presented as a study of movement, look, rhythm, breathing and presence in relation to musicality.

Bach is presented as a study of movement, look, rhythm, breathing and presence in relation to musicality.
It is a selection of preludes and leaks contained in the two books that make up the well-tempered harpsichord composed by Johann Sebastian Bach in the 18th century, in which María Muñoz combines the dance of some preludes that sound live with the memory of some balladed fugues in silence.
The presence of the interpreter evolves within a pure movement work.

Bach is a rigorous work of movement language for which María Muñoz needed to travel alone to places that were probably inseparable from her deep understanding of music.

In the first full version of the piece, premiered at the Temporada Alta Festival 2005, the meticulous and exhaustive recording made by Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (1932-1982), accompanies the dancer with an unusual body, the pianist’s, with her breath and whisper she seems to be present in the scene.

In 2018, a reinterpretation of the solo with live music was presented at the Paris Philharmonic, in collaboration with the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, with Dan Tepfer who, as knowledgeable in classical repertoire as experienced in improvisation jazz, brings a different vitality and texture to the solo, accompanying Maria Muñoz with her live performance and establishing a dialogue that reinforces improvisation in a game of complicity.

In 2016, María Muñoz transmits the piece to Federica Porello, Italian interpreter who works with Mal Pelo, and since then also dances Bach.


Produced by Mal Pelo. With the collaboration of Teatro Real and Teatre Lliure. First performed at the Espai Lliure in Barcelona on 26 February 2004 in a first version and at the Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Temporada Alta 2005 in its definitive version.

Bach has been performed more than 150 times since its premiere and has been performed in Spain, Italy, Morocco, Canada, England, Germany, Jordan, Syria, Austria, France, Colombia, the USA, Lebanon and the Dominican Republic, among others. It has been programmed in the Teatre Lliure, Teatro Real, Agora de la danse (Quebec), Opera de Damasc, Théâtre les Abesses (Paris) and HAU2 (Berlin), among many others. 

Bach has received the Award Premi de la Crítica (Barcelona 2018) and the Award Premi de la Crítica to Federica Porello as the best female dancer.

Creation: María Muñoz
Performance: María Muñoz o Federica Porello
Music: Clave Ben Temperat, Johan Sebastian Bach
Recorded version performed by: Glenn Gould
Life version performed by: Dan Tepfer
Artistic Collaboration:  Cristina Cervià
Assistant to Director: Leo Castro
Video Images: Núria Font
Lighting: August Viladomat
Photography:  Jordi Bover
Costumes: Montserrat Ros
Production: Gemma Massó, Mamen Juan-Torres

Duration 50 minutes.


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