The plan is to carry out the artistic work in several creation laboratories during 2024, at which we
shall research the language of the group and the individual language of each performer. The aim is
to pass on knowledge and tools during these meetings, and plan the future inclusion of new
strategies and physical material that we may recognise as ours within the group.
Mal Pelo is working on the idea of creating an ecosystem in which the performers feel encouraged
to share their personal language and, at the same time, learn from the other performer-creators
who accompany them in this creation process.
Transmission is a basic and essential tool in the development of dance itself. Knowledge,
techniques, aesthetics, values and views on performance, questions about the body and its

representation are parameters that have evolved in the history of dance, largely through
intergenerational cohabitation between choreographers, performers and creators.
We want to share our experience and for it to be interpreted by and incorporated in other bodies
and other ways of living it and inhabiting it. At the same time, we still feel a passionate need to
discover new generations of creators who are starting out on their training. Transmission is never
in one direction, it always goes both ways.
The research and creation process will be carried out between April 2024 and April 2025 and the
piece will be premiered at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.

Upcoming dates