A choral show with sixteen performances on stage. Eight dancers and eight musicians in the third piece of the Bach Project.

Inventions focusses on the relationship between live music and dance, placing the results of this research in spaces that, due to their resonance or architecture, make possible the magic triad of space-music-movement.
In each venue, Inventions will adopt a different form in keeping with that specific place.
We work with the depth and height of the space, with its resonance, and ensuring a good view for the audience. We observe the particulars of the space for a few days to discover and reveal its potential for performance and sound.


The music weaves together fragments of the Cantatas with parts of the Partita II (with special emphasis on the version of the Ciaccona for quartet of voices and violin) and selected pieces from the version for string quartet of the Art of the Fugue. The musical director is Joel Bardolet, while Quiteria Muñoz leads the quartet of lyric voices under his general direction.

Fanny Thollot, composer and sound engineer, creates a soundscape to accompany the baroque music that creates landscapes from it and picks out details of the space, moving the sound into different zones of perception and wor- king on its distribution and dimensions.

Discovering the resonance of spaces becomes an exercise, not only in listening to the quality of the music, but also in experience and perception. The sound transforms the space and lends it poetic qualities that are intangible but undeniable.

The sound inhabits the space just as we humans do, and reveals fictions, evocations and landscapes that resonate with us.
Just as the space changes the sound, so the sound changes us, who change the space, in a circle of influence that we can note and allow to form part of the drama of the piece.

Our ongoing research into these influences forms the basis for the construction of each proposal for each new space. The group of musicians and dancers take part in this quest, both physically and through their personalities on stage.


The aim of Inventions is to seek out the particular sound and performance characteristics of each place, the archi- tecture and dynamics of the space where we are performing the piece.We look into the history, materials, light, resonance and capacity for transformation of the chosen venues.

Listening out for these features makes possible a process of revelation of performance potential and the cons- truction of unique proposals tailored to the surroundings.

A space offers us its life, its building materials, its light and the presence of the people who have inhabited it. A process of immersion that through documentation, listening and imagination allows us to reveal the sometimes hidden poetry of each place, of each space.

We work with the possibility of using natural light, the sedimentation of the layers and traces left by time, and paying special attention to the framing of the piece, the angle and point of view of the spectator.

INVENTIONS. A piece for specific spaces.

The first stage of this new project took place in 2020 at the following festivals:
 Grec Festival Barcelona-Festival Barcelona and Festival Internacional Temporada Alta de Girona.

For this project our team of performers is made up of: 

Creació per a espais singulars.

El primer lliurament d’aquest nou projecte tindrà lloc el 2020 en els següents festivals:
Festival Grec Barcelona-Festival Bachcelona i Festival Internacional Temporada Alta de Girona.

Direction : María Muñoz and Pep Ramis.
Directors assistants : Leo Castro, Federica Porello.
Creation and dance :  Pep Ramis, María Muñoz, Federica Porello, Leo Castro, Zoltan Vakulya, Miquel Fiol, Enric
Musical direction: Joel Bardolet.
Musical direction assistant: Quiteria Muñoz.
String Quartet :  Joel Bardolet, violin ; Jaume Guri, violin ; Masha Titova, viola, and Daniel Claret, cello. 

Voice Quartet : Quiteria Muñoz, soprano ; David Sagastume, contratenor; Mario Corberán, tenor, and Giorgio
Celenza, bass.
Music : Johann Sabastian Bach
Text : Nick Cave, Erri de Luca.
Soundscape : Fanny Thollot.
Light :  August Viladomat 
Set design : Pep Ramis
Wardrobe : CarmePuigdevalliPlantés.
Video edition: Leo Castro.
Sound : Andreu Bramon
Set technician : Genís Cordomí. 
Production : Mal Pelo; 
Coproduction : Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona ; Festival Temporada Alta ; ICEC,
Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya; Diputació de Girona. 
Collaborations : L’animal a l’esquena – Centre de Creació de Celrà ; Théâtre de la Ville – Paris / La
Production : Gemma Massó / Communication and distribution : Rita Peré / International relationships : Anso Raybaut.


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