Double Infinite. The Bluebird Call is a new project by Mal Pelo, a piece planned for 2023.

The Bluebird Call

Duet by María Muñoz and Pep Ramis

Throughout our time making group creations, we have given ourselves space to meet on stage, just the two of us, a place to delve into and discover new realms of language, ideas about performance and dramatic composition. That is how we came to create Quarere (1989), L’animal a l’esquena (2001) and El Cinquè Hivern (2015), three pieces far apart in time that have been turning points in our performance quest.

It is this that leads us to create Double Infinite. The Bluebird Call. A fresh encounter between the two creators of Mal Pelo, to construct a piece out of fragility, simplicity and our love for this profession, that still poses questions for us. About ourselves, about the individual, identity, the group and our surroundings. And about the body, the great revealer of our own potential.

María and Pep

Directors and performers: María Muñoz i Pep Ramis
Assistant director: Leo Castro
Sound composition: Fanny Thollot
Music: Joel Bardolet, Quiteria Muñoz, Bruno Hurtado.
Lighting: August Viladomat/Lluis Martí
Sound: Andreu Bramon
Space: Pep Ramis/Adrià Miserachs
Wardrobe: CarmePuigdevalliPlantés
Production: Mamen Juan-Torres
Administration: Gemma Massó
Communications: Rita Peré
International relationships: AnSó Raybaut

Coproduced by Mal Pelo; Théâtre de la Ville- Paris; Teatre Nacional de Catalunya; Grec 2023 Festival de Barcelona, Teatre Principal de Palma de Mallorca, Temporada Alta – Festival internacional d’arts escèniques – Catalunya, El Canal-Centre d’Arts Escèniques Salt-Girona-Catalunya.
With the collaboration of  Théâtre de Garonne, Festival de Otoño de Madrid.
With the support of L’animal a l’esquena, Celrà.


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