In January 1989, María Muñoz and Pep Ramis formed the dance group Mal Pelo. From the start, the group based its work on a constant search for languages. From this mingling of languages came performance projects rooted in a deep, clean and simple crossover of disciplines. During the early years the group alternated touring (Europe, USA, Middle East, Canada and Latin America) with periods of creation in various countries. These wanderings encouraged an exchange of ideas, techniques and working methods with other artists that would strengthen the group’s creative research. 

Since 1989 Mal Pelo has presented, among others, the pieces Quarere (1989), Sur Perros del Sur (South, Dogs of the South) (1992), Dol (1994), La Calle del Imaginero (The Street of the Imagineer) (1996), Orache (1998), El Alma del Bicho (The Insect’s Soul) (1999 ), L’animal a l’esquena (The Animal on our Back) (2001), Atrás los ojos (Behind the Eyes) (2002), An el silenci (An, Silence) (2003), BACH (2004), ATLAS (2005), Testimoni de llops (Testament of Wolves) (2006), He visto caballos (I’ve Seen Horses) (2008) , Tots els noms (All the Names) (2010), Caín & Caín (2011), L’esperança de vida d’una llebre (Life Expectancy of a Hare) (2013), El cinquè hivern (The Fifth Winter) (2015), 7 Lunas (Seven Moons) (2015), The Mountain, the Truth and Paradise ( 2017); On Goldberg Variations / Variations (2019),  Inventions (2020) and Highlands (2021).

In 2001 Pep Ramis and María Muñoz set up L’Animal a l’esquena, a centre for multi-disciplinary creation and exchange of ideas, in a farmhouse with 19 hectares of land at Celrà (Gerona). This is a refuge that encourages experimentation and the exchange of ideas and experiences between theatre directors, musicians, video artists, theorists and dancers, taking part in residencies, workshops and laboratories. Mal Pelo has received, among others, the Premio Nacional de Danza 2002 (National Dance Prize) awarded by the Generalitat de Cataluña, for the piece L’Animal a l’esquena and for founding the creation centre of the same name in Celrà. The company also won the Premio Nacional de Danza 2009, creation category, awarded by the INAEM-Ministerio de Cultura in recognition of its work in choreographic creation and opening up new paths in contemporary dance. Special mention for the piece Bach and for the creation centre L’animal a l’esquena. The Premio Ciutat de Barcelona 2017 (City of Barcelona Prize) for contemporary dance was awarded to María Muñoz and Pep Ramis of the company Mal Pelo, for the generous and delicate interpretation of the piece Bach and the brilliant and exceptional performance by Federica Porello, that sheds new light on the riches of the choreography by María Muñoz.

Premio de la Crítica, Barcelona 2018 (Critics’ Prize) for the piece Bach by María Muñoz and for Federica Porello as best female dance performer for her performance of Bach.

Medalla de Oro de la Academia de las Artes Escénicas de España, 2022. 

Best show and Best soundscape for ‘Highlands’, Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya, 2022.

Premio Ciutat de Palma 2022 Margaluz de les Arts Escèniques, 2022.