Our collaboration with Blai Mateu and Camille Decourtye began in 2011 with Mazut, in which we set up a dialogue between the poetic worlds of Baro d’Evel and Mal Pelo in a piece in which we experienced the power of artistic relations and vision in performance. Despite the generation gap and coming from different disciplines, we found shared ground where we could combine their detailed, visceral and poetic work with our external gaze. We enjoyed this shared ground as a privilege that we are still learning from. This creative relationship has now come through four pieces: Mazut, Bestias, and Falaise. Meeting Camille and Blai has enriched us. We feel loved and are aware of the influence we have had on each other, sharing tools that have empowered the work of both groups. Hybrid performance, avoiding archetypes and disciplines, is a mutual interest in the search for a plural performance language. Spending time with the whole Baró d’Evel troupe  over the years has been intense and emotional. A fire warming the soul. Like brothers, we are very close.

Pep Ramis y María Muñoz.